a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat hornlessness

Flopsy was the black hornless mother of the twin tan girls Jessie and Goldie who I purchased on New Year's Day of 2004. Their father, Rustico, was tan with normal horns. Goldie grew a nearly normal set of horns, while Jessie never grew horns at all.

Jessie (tan, hornless), when matched to Jared (black, normal horns), has produced only 1 in six with horns. Consider the following kids:

Nylan (black, horned)
Anna (black, no horns), Jenna (white, no horns)
Lerris (black, no horns)
Kagan (black, no horns), Maggy (white, no horns)

(Note that Goldie, paired to Jared, has only produced kids with horns.)

According to Dr. Phil Sponenberg of VA Tech, "The hornlessness is pretty well worked out - you should on average get 1/2, but in small groups it can deviate - you got lucky! In my own herd I tend to get just under 1/2, but that is luck!"
Tags: angoras

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