a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Lerris and Kagan are missing some pieces

ETA: The vet was very pleased with how Joy looked. He was the one who rode to my rescue last Tuesday morning when I was so freaked out about the dog not being able to walk. He spent some time talking with her and watching her walk. Joy is still favoring her right foot, but it's not too bad.

Lerris and Kagan are now surgically out of the gene pool. It took longer than I expected because there were issues with the vet's clippers not having enough power or a sharp enough blade to actually shave mohair curls from around the surgery site (so I got mine out, along with a huge extension cord), and the vet tech/student had questions, etc. etc. And Loki was a massive pain to everyone.

Loki spent the whole time we were preparing Lerris trying to break down the fence between us and him. So I threw Loki back in with Jared/Sancho/Cookie. That was a TOTAL MISTAKE. Next thing I know, the boys are out of sight behind the barn and Jared is bellowing in pain. Good thing the vet was right there (though a little busy at the time). Jared probably got his ankle caught in Loki's horns. It's not broken, but it's pretty darn sore. And Jared's head is all scratched up, Loki's nose has a bloody stripe, and both of them were breathing way too hard for my liking.

When I left to head back to work, the fields from left to right were Jared/Sancho/Cookie, Lerris/Kagan, Loki. I figure that Lerris and Kagan can convalesce and mourn their losses together.
Tags: angoras, vet_visits

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