a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Regarding yesterday's request for recommendations

Thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's book recommendation request with suggestions. I passed them all on to my sister. It turns out that you-all were far more helpful than my original post might have made it seem, since the kids have to read four historical fiction novels this year, and most of the moms are clueless in that genre.

From my sister:

Thanks so much. And please say thanks to all your friends who commented with such great suggestions. Our sitter's Mom was thrilled when I told her that I put the question to you and that you had posted it.

Turns out the new teacher for the class knows nothing about Clan of The Cave Bear and signed off on it today. We all expect that there will be a mushroom cloud over the school as soon as the blunder is noticed and remarked on. For the moment, our sitter is steadily reading on. We'll see what happens when said teacher comes back and makes her change books.

Even if she is allowed to finish COTCB, the list is still quite a wonderful aid. The students will have to read 4 more books in the historical fiction category and write papers on them this semester. Most of the moms were complaining that they couldn't think of a single one (Romantic Fiction not being the same as Historical Fiction in the teacher's mind). So the list will be quite a bonus to all the moms. Two of them have already called tonight asking to pick my brain about books.

The list even gave me a few I hadn't come across before...I had no idea Orson Scott Card wrote about Biblical Women. And from the old testament too, which I find really intriguing...probably because the stories in it always appealed to me more than those in the new. If only the nuns could hear me now. I also am wondering if M would enjoy the Joan Aiken books. Maybe I will toss them her way and see if the bait is taken.

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