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More goat nonsense

The weather cooled off immediately after we sheared this year, so the boy goats came into season a month ago. Hence the damage that Loki's been doing to the fence and to Jared. So when we did the remix on Sunday, the boys were more than ready to start the courting dance singing and snorting and tongue-wagging that goes along with having balls bigger than their brains.

This will be both Jared and Sashimi's fifth time around. Sashimi was either in heat or close to it on the weekend, because she pulled a classic goat-girl tease on Jared as soon as I let her out of the feeding area. She "loved" all the way down his side (picture a cat marking something) and then wagged her tail in his face. Jared was not at all unhappy about being given some positive attention, and focused almost completely on Sashimi after that. (Jessie was ignoring him because she's not in heat, and Dahlia was still confused. Dahlia is new at this.) Jared was so fast off of the starting block that he had completed a successful mount on Sashimi before the last water bucket was filled on Sunday. Jared mounted correctly, and Sashimi did her little "crunches" action afterward.

That puts the first possible due date on February 17, 2009.

Cookie is up as a stud for the first time this year. For various reasons, the only girl in his pasture is Anna. Two virgins in a pasture is... not a problem, apparently, for Cookie. He has come alive since the chaos on Sunday. This morning he spent the time from when I started my chores to when I actually fed him banging his head on the barn wall that separates him from Loki. Then as soon as Anna came over for breakfast, he got all snorty and blubbery at her and ran her around in a circle around and around and around and hey! food! munch munch ... pause... hey! girl! snort snort sniffle lunge! Repeat for as long as there was food in either bowl. It was very cute in a very farmer way.

Loki would like someone to pay some attention to him, please. Alys and Mona are both maiden does, so may be slow to come into heat, slow to catch, etc. Neither one is in heat right now, and neither one is at all interested in the stinky, pushy monster who is now their roommate. Lerris is still in with them - he's impossible to catch right now - and now that he's been wethered, he nearly doesn't exist in Loki's horizon. It's pretty funny to watch what little logic Loki has left actually functioning. Sniff snort. Not a girl. Sniff snort. Not a threat. pause sneeze. Not interested. ... Hey! Girl!
Tags: angoras, breeding

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