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Goats - the numbers game

The gal over the hill from me (with whom I've swapped goats on occasion) is really cutting back on her goat herd. This lady ended up flat-out giving me a black (dark grey) six year old angora doe, #15. The goat has a darker fleece than any of my grey goats, and, for her age, her fleece is in fine shape. The lady's husband delivered her yesterday with no papers, background, or expectations. He wasn't even quite sure that this was the correct goat. Oh well, if he guessed wrong, they are getting back a pregnant goat.

I fed her and immediately threw her in with Jared in the hopes that she won't be too far out of the breeding calendar compared to the rest of my girls. And yes, that makes SEVEN does being bred this year. Anna, Alys, Mona, Dahlia, Sashimi, Jessie and Ms. Nameless-so-far. Remember my goal of being down to 15 or 16 goats by winter? I'm back up to 20 now. Still more proof that I'm insane, and addicted to goat babies.

As I mentioned back here, I have specific color goals as well as numbers expectations. I will have to get the whole scoop from the woman who sent over #15 to me to find out if she ever throws patterns or other colors or twins. (ETA: yup, twins and patterned!)

The real expectation I have for this new #15 is some fantastic dark color and a pretty nice fleece carrying it. Here's to hoping!

The updated General Expectations list is:

Sashimi X Jared = 1 black
Jessie X Jared = 1 black (She alternates twin years, so next year should be a single boy. Yeah, statistics works that way, really. ::laugh::)
Dahlia X Jared = 1 black (As a maiden doe, I don't expect twins from her. I could be pleasantly surprised, though.)
#15 x Jared = 1 black 2 black ("She usually has twins and they have been black/dark gray, and gray with light gray belly and legs..." - note from her former mom on 10/6)
Mona X Loki = 1 red (or black, or white, or green, or purple... and maybe twins since she is twin to Dahlia)
Alys X Loki = 1 red (or perhaps twins, since she is one herself)
Anna X Cookie = 1 black
Tags: angoras, breeding

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