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More goat ponderings: names and possibilities

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm looking at the possible goat babies for next year. I got a note back from #15's former owner saying that she usually has twins with slight patterns. wheee. With the assumption that all the moms have at least one healthy kid, I'm looking at something between seven and thirteen kids next year. (Not 14, because Sashimi hasn't ever twinned, so I'm not expecting it this time. Yes, I'm setting myself up for surprises.)

Not to count chickens or put horses in the wrong places, but I'm already considering names and possibilites, especially with the new moms.

Lately I've been re-reading Price of the Stars. So now I want to name two boys Ari and Owen. Alys is being bred to Loki, which *should* result in red. (Last year, Alys's mother had twin boys, one black and one red. Alys's brother is red, I believe.) Mona is also in with Loki, which could result in red as easily as black. If Alys or Mona has mixed-color twins, those kids may be stuck with something out of that series. If not, we may go back to Miri's extended family for another redhead name or two.

Jessie's daughter Anna, named for the main character in the Books of Great Alta, may have to have another name from that series (Sister Light, Sister Dark and White Jenna). Or I could pull a completely inside/personal joke here and name the kids for something out of the Lackey jouster series (one of the countries is named Alta). Kiron isn't a bad buck name, and sounds a lot like it belongs with the name "Kagan" from this year.

Sashimi X Jared = 1 black
Previous names: Dru, Madison, Giselle

Jessie X Jared = 1 black. Or maybe a black and a white.
Previous names: Nylan, Anna & Jenna, Lerris, Maggy & Kagan

#15 x Jared = 2 black (grey patterned)

Dahlia X Jared = 1 black. Or maybe 2 black.

Anna X Cookie = 1 black. Or maybe 2 black.

Maybe more later.
Tags: breeding, naming

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