a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Selling goats: Ria, Maggy, Kagan, and Julius

Through a round-about way, and partly credited to cyber-sleuthing, a couple in Nokesville called me today to ask about angora goats for sale. They arrived with the idea of purchasing two -- either Maggy and Ria or Maggy and Kagan -- and left having committed to buying four. (They left me a 50% deposit because they are going out of town and didn't want to bring new animals home for a farm sitter.)

I'm pleased for a multiple of reasons. This family has the miscellanous mix of fiber animals, including Finn sheep from a woman I know, and they also do pot belly pig rescue. To add to their "references," they have the same vet that I do. This means that they can take my special little boy Julius without me worrying too much. Obviously they care a lot about the health and welfare of animals, and the vet will have all of Julius's history already with him if there is another problem.

Which brings the goat count back down to 16. YAY! Now I can set down the slight load of guilt/worry about having too many goats this winter.
Tags: angoras, sales, vet_visits

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