a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Contentment with sales

Sometimes I wonder just what kinds of people have bought my goats. I've made some mistakes and sold to people who didn't care enough, or were a tad too flaky for comfort. And sometimes I've sold goats to people who were probably just fine and I was just paranoid. This time, I have no doubts left, and all for positive and happy reasons.

Last night, the nicest people I've ever dealt with for goat sales came to pick up Ria, Maggy, Kagan and Julius. They adopted my special needs child (otherwise known as "dead goat walking") along with two other kids and the yearling... and I'm totally fine with that. These people run a farm rescue for pigs, and have llamas, horses and sheep as well. So goats aren't much of a stretch for them in terms of facilities and care.

The final doubt was laid to rest this morning when I called my vet to let them know Julius had moved to another one of their clients' houses. The lady who talked to me (who remembers everything about my goats) had nothing but praise for these wonderful people. ::contented sigh:: My babies are going to a good home. We've already been invited to come visit them any time we want, and go riding, and have vegetarian dinner, etc.
Tags: angoras, sales

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