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It's a good thing we don't have children

We spend some of our time discussing how we don't need children in order to spend money on hobbies, games and animals. I mentioned much that sentiment on my goat-chat list. The line that started the thread was "... it's a good thing we don't have children, or we would have every puppy, kitten, turtle, rabbit, snake, etc. that they picked up along their day." I hadn't realized that this was the equivalent of saying Come on, everyone, jump in here! List everything you have on your farm and if your children are to blame for any of the arrivals. But some of the lists are downright eye-crossing.

You are so right about the kids. This is what happens with 5 animal crazy kids:
10 horses
3 llamas
18 goats
15 chickens
4 dogs
13 cats
8 rabbits
and an assortment of fish!!!!
(I drew the line at a parakeet)

Well I must be real glad I don't have children because this is what happens without children:
2 horses,
4 alpacas
27 goats
1 goose
50+ chickens
8 turkeys
9 dogs
3 cats
1 turtle
gold fish
4 guinea fowl

See I am 16 years old and I understand that having animal loving kids can add to the animal population. My Mom gets scared when I get my pay check because she wonders what kind of animal I am going to by next.
so far I have,
4 llamas, 2 of which are bred
5 angora goats, 3 bred for spring kids
and 20 sheep which 10 are bred for spring lambs.

#4 (responding to #3 above)
My daughter calls me an "animal collector", but there were the rabbits that she got tired of, and the 4H sheep that she got bored with, and so on. I decided to try to do something with what I got stuck with and it grew. I just sold 22 lambs, 8 goat kids, and brought home $1700. Heaven only knows what it all cost if we had to count every cent and minute put into it, but I enjoy the critters, and I get in a tax bracket for agricultural use on our acres, which halves the taxes here, so I guess it is not so bad of a collection. You are a young person after my heart. I bet you stay busy, and hopefully out of trouble. Keep it up!

Well I can relate to this one!! lol!
I thought I was bad but whoever won't get the parakeet -- give it a shot -- they do talk!!

Well here is my current list:
2 llamas
6 angora goats
4 Babydoll sheep
21 angora rabbits
8 maltese
and 3 cats!

Enough for me right now! All but 2 cats have long hair!!!

165 goats
8 sheep
2 llamas
1 alpaca
2 great pyr dogs
2 mareema dogs
3 rat terrier dogs - one in a wheelchair
9 cats
1 angora rabbit
3 geese
several ducks
a bunch of chickens
20 fan tailed doves
3 pot belly pigs
1 raccoon
1 mentally challenged man who has been on the farm for over 40 years
1 husband (mine)
and before 6 pm tonight - one emu who is now at the rainbow bridge
no kids....but a wonderful neighbor who I might adopt.

#7 (responding to #6 above)
What a crew! I have decided that I am not the only crazy "animal collector" as my daughter calls me. My "collection" cannot top any of these. This should turn into some sort of contest with a prize, don't you think?

I think some of you should have kids! LOL. My husband is much better at saying no to them than me. Although not having our own farm does cut down on what he allows. L. I am raising 2 children who are becoming animal collectors though. I'm so darn proud of myself. LOL! And with another on the way…well, let's just say my husband doesn't have a chance. (Although he's becoming MUCH more attached to the goats than me.)

I'm showing these lists to my husband! Actually, he lets me get pretty much whatever I want. Our son is all grown up, but everytime he calls, he wants to know what new animal we have now.

2 horses
5 angora goats
3 ducks
32 guineas
8 cats
2 mutts
1 Maremma puppy
40 various hens and roosters
10 bantam chickens
and a friend's 8 horses - we keep them in return for help around the farm.
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