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Politics: do you know how many people are running for president?

Despite what major news agencies would have you believe, this is not a two-parties-only country. We have plenty of smaller, less-publicised, and admittedly sometimes fringe parties around the country. By the count of Politics 1, there are twenty one people who have gained ballot access in at least one state for the category of President of the United States. There are dozens more who are "formally recognized" as write-in candidates.

Jeff Boss (no party affiliation)
Richard Duncan (no party affiliation)
Jon Allen (Heartland)
Brad Lyttle (US Pacifist)
Frank McEnulty (New American Independent)
John Polachek (New Party) Yes, that's the name listed.
Tom Stevens (Objectivist)
Jeff Wamboldt (We the People)
Roger Calero (Socialist Workers) Note that he is a naturalized citizen, and is constitutionally barred from the presidency.
Brian Moore (Socialist)
Ted Weill (Reform)
Gene Amondson (Prohibition)
Gloria LaRiva (Party of Socialism and Liberation)
Bob Barr (Libertarian)
Ralph Nader (Independent / Independent-Ecology / Ecology / Peace and Freedom / Natural Law)
Alan Keyes (America's Independent / American Independent)
Cynthia McKinney (Green)
Chuck Baldwin (Constitution)
Charles Jay (Boston Tea / Personal Choice)
Barack Obama (Democratic)
John McCain (Republican)

In Virginia: Baldwin, Barr, Nader, McKinney, Obama, and McCain will all be printed on the ballot.

In Maryland: Baldwin, Barr, Nader, McKinney, Obama, and McCain will all be printed on the ballot. Donald Allen, Lawson Bone, Ted Brown, James Criveau, RaeDeen Heupel, Ronald Hobbs, Keith Judd, James Edgar Lundeen, Frank Moore, Lynne Starr, and Blaine Taylor are all "formally recognized" by the state government as write-in candidates.

In the ever-in-limbo DC: McCain, Obama, McKinney and Nader will be on the ballot. Bob Barr is a formally recognized write-in candidate.

Note that Colorado has 14 people listed on the ballot.
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