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Book non-review: Swallowing Darkness; recommendation for Too Many Curses

My sister called to tell me that the 7th book in the Laurell K. Hamilton Faerie Porn Merry Gentry series is out. After talking to her and reading the Amazon reviews, I think that I'll probably pass I am too weak willed to not buy it. I have all of the rest of the series in hardback. It seems... wimpy?... not to at least try it and close out the series mentally.

My other mental argument is that there is a chance I might find the Power of the Day club to be fascinating enough to overcome what the reviewers say is a breakneck pace of reactive fighting and 2-dimensional characters going against six books of development.

The response from my sister:
You might want to try A. Lee Martinez's new book Too Many Curses. It was a really fun read, very well paced, and I found myself flipping back to favorite chapters and re-reading over and over again once I had finished the book the first time. I also read parts of it aloud to Wayne and Mara for the joy of sharing. Both of them found it just as amusing as I did. Mara says she wants to read it when she's done with Eldest.

Sharing and/or re-reading aren't something I feel compelled to do with Swallowing Darkness. While I didn't find it as terrible as some of the reviewers did, I did feel like it rushed through to a conclusion and forced a lot of very deep and up to now central characters into tapioca roles or brief mentions. It really had the feeling that the author didn't want to deal with these characters or this series any longer. After compelling writing earlier in the Gentry series, I must admit this was a disappointment.

Too Many Curses was almost like my reward for getting through this latest Laurell Hamilton and not losing my cool. (Like ice cream is for my kids after having to eat spinach.) My only problem with TMC is that it was over too quickly and now I will have to wait for the next one.
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