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Goat breeding, dates and projections

Goat breeding started on September 21st and ended yesterday, November 9th. These breeding dates put the kidding date range from approximately February 17th - April 6th. My goal was to run the bucks for six weeks (two heat cycles) worth of breeding opportunity. We ended up with seven weeks. That's plenty. I have no interest in kids showing up in May like Dru and Nylan did four years ago. Yes, they were great kids with fantastic hair, but I still believe that later kids are more difficult to keep healthy and hearty.

I can't give much in the way of projections for kidding order. Sashimi got instant attention the first day of breeding, so could be the first one to kid in February. Jessie is also an old hand at this, so will kid within the first three weeks. If she is pregnant at all, Penny is due on March 16-17th, specifically. While I am hoping that everyone is done kidding by mid-March, with five maiden does there is always the chance that they did not catch on their first heat cycle with the bucks. On the other hand, all three bucks had *obviously* calmed down prior to this weekend, which implies that all of the girls settled or were out of heat for the last two weeks.

One interesting side effect of this year's *total* separation of the buck pens as well as the girls settling is that the boys aren't nearly so stinky as last year (especially Loki!). With the boys calming down so fast, if I manage to get Loki a bath too, he might be able to join in the Christmas at The Plains and pull his wagon for the little kids...

ETA: Summer was obviously in heat yesterday, so I'm hoping that she is simply going to be fat and happy all winter.
Tags: angoras, breeding

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