a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

New goat feeding process

This will only work until I have to re-segregate the goats due to consistent bad weather, but for the meanwhile...

The girl/baby goats (11 of them) are in the back left pasture with the llama and the outside hayrick. In the morning, I go into the front right pasture, lay out all of the food bowls (numbering around 14 give or take states of cleanliness), pour food into those bowls, then let the goats into this side of the pasture, excluding the llama. This allows me to pour food without getting shoved around, and keeps the llama out of the goat chow. I can also leave a goat-mineral bowl out in this area without fears for llama gluttony.

I do not have to hang around and wait for the goats to finish eating. When achaosofkittens goes out later in the morning to feed the llama, he puts the goats back into the left pasture. As soon as he or I block off the doorway to the back right pasture, I will be able to open up the right stall door and can lay out the food bowls *inside* the right barn stall when the weather is bad. Sure, there will be more pushing in the smaller space, but the goats will not be out in the wet to eat.

... And hopefully I will not have any more attempts by Alys to remove my kneecap by shoving Penny's horns into the side of my leg. The bruise is only about the size of a nickle, but it's definitely an OWIE!
Tags: angoras, llamas

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