a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Look, dear. A deer!

On my way down the hill today, I stopped for a deer to cross the road. Due to its size and lack of antlers, I would guess it was a girl deer. The other reason I'm guessing it was a girl is that she was sauntering across the road with her white tail up and waving like a flag. I've never seen a deer with a tail quite that bushy and fluffy before. I stopped, since she stopped, and then I took a cell phone photo. She put her tail down for the photo, unfortunately, so I tried to take a video of her too, in case she put it back up. My cell phone wasn't very easy to manipulate, and I was staring at the deer as hard as I could to convince her to put her tail back up. I ended up oblivious to the fact that I was holding up traffic. Sunny and his wife were stuck on the hill behind me. I eased over to the side of the road, waved my phone at them, and explained to their slightly-concerned faces that I was watching the deer. And still, the deer did not move away. Just as I got my phone to switch to video, she slid away into the trees.

Tags: animals

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