a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Farm update

Herc-a-llama is definitely settling into his new home and roles. He is coming up to me to check out the goat food in the mornings now, but he knows to wait until I'm facing him before he steps up to investigate. He also has mostly stopped yelling epithets at the dog in the mornings during feeding rounds. I wonder if he is starting to associate the appearance of the dog with the appearance of his breakfast?

Hercules likes to roll in dirt/dust/hay/leaves, so he ends up looking like he slept under the hayrick at times. The funny part is when the goats think he smells better than the hayrick. At one point, Summer was sniffing him so intensely that she had her nose buried in his fleece up to her eyeballs.

The goats are all doing fine. Jared and Dahlia both have a bit of a winter cough. Since Jared is usually coughing all winter, I'm feeling fortunate that it is so sporadic right now. I'm definitely going to watch him to see if it gets worse when he starts getting hay regularly. It wouldn't be totally out of the question for him to be allergic to hay dust/mold like Goldie.

Some of the pregnant goats are getting LARGE, especially Jessie. I'm starting to wonder if Penny didn't "catch" after all (yay!), though she could just be a month behind and carrying high with her first kid. All of the goats - especially the pregnant girls - are in some state of need for a toe-trimming, so hopefully that will be Saturday's fun exercise.
Tags: angoras, llamas

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