a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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in review: West Side Story

The new bilingual staging of West Side Story was good. The show hasn't gelled quite yet, but by the time they get to Broadway they should be smoking hot.

The soprano who sang Maria started out just fine, and got better and better and better until she closed the show and brought the house down. I'm always a little nervous at any singing event until the first soprano solo, waiting to see if she is going to be good enough to conquer the soaring heights. She absolutely NAILEd that first high note. I relaxed into the show.

I was not particularly taken with the casting for Tony. He was simply ok. Then he got into his duets with Maria and I understood. Their voices blended perfectly. At one point their vibratos were synchronized!

The woman cast as Anita was sensational from the beginning. She burst onto the stage in a broad flash of purple and a powerful voice. She faded a bit as the show went on, but I think that was mostly due to me falling under Maria's spell. By their duet in the second act, I was ready for magic. It was almost there. Anita and Maria blended very well, and sang with heart, but didn't let me fall into the agony and willful ignorance and desperate infatuation that this song was supposed to illuminate.

to be continued:
links, names, etc.
final act amazing drama

... and the fire alarm.
Tags: musicals, theater

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