a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Weekend roundup

Friday night we saw West Side Story. It was a great show for me. Saturday was a lot of time spend trimming goat toes and doing other such barn chores. I ended up purchasing a new rake as well as a new rain coat. Remember the ice storm with the tree down? (It happened almost exactly a year ago.) While listening to the ice predictions on Saturday, it occurred to me that last year I got out of my car while stopped on the road while wearing black. Well, that's one thing I've changed. My new raincoat is pedestrian-neon yellow. My fashion statement is now "Don't hit me!"

Saturday night was social time, and I avoided most of the icy driving by lining up crash space in town. It also meant that I could ship out boxes on Sunday morning (Office Depot for UPS) and do some gift shopping. Back at home the plan was to finish Christmas decorations and maybe set up the train. That plan was spiked by timing and other priorities, including draakken hacking into an old laptop for me, and then keeping him hostage with mulled cider for board games.
Tags: home, social

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