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The most stressless Christmas ever

I have to say that this week probably contained the least stress I've ever suffered during a winter holiday. It wasn't a manic/joyful time either, but that's ok. Being able to glide through the week was good. Despite the cold, the weather has not had any impact on our plans or scheduling. The house got decorated, all of my family's presents except for one forgotten comic book arrived at my sister's in good time and good shape. All of CK's family's presents went over well. There was no drama to be seen in any direction. It was lovely to glide over empty roads to a beautifully decorated house, incredibly well-mannered young boys (especially since they were both tired and getting over being sick!), a comfortable day full of gifts, and an easy trip home.

What with the weather reports from the rest of the country, I'm so glad that we didn't go through the airports to get to my sister's for Christmas.

CK's nephews are blooming into really well-socialized kids. The older one (9 years old) has learned manners, patience, helpfulness, and cleanliness. The younger one (4 years old) was getting over a drippy cold/cough thing, was overtired and overdone, and still managed to listen to us (mostly), take his turn, share, and clean up after himself. Wow. These boys are amazingly accomplished in their manners, self-control, and conversational abilities. CK's older nephew has started playing chess, even, and played an entire game with CK after dinner.

... And this is after a fantastic weekend of theater, shopping, chores, social time, and board games. There was also Chanty Sing on Tuesday. CK and I spent Christmas Eve wrapping presents for our families, then unwrapping our presents to each other. So I have to add two other words to this post:


ETA: For those of you who don't understand, a drum carder is for blending fleeces prior to spinning them into yarn. Fiberlicious!
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