a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

It's mouse-stick season again in the barn

This morning, I found a mouse in one of the water buckets out in the girls' barn. Fortunately, the mouse was still alive and swimming*. I fished him out and put him in an out of the way straw pile for him to dry off and warm up. I then went hunting for a stick to put into the water so that the next idiot mouse to fall in will have a quick way out. I found a rough stick with plenty of bark on it for traction.

Mouse soup is usually only a winter problem because that is when liquid is harder to find and when the water buckets are inside the barn up against the walls. Thirsty mice climb up the barn walls and jump into the buckets because they smell/sense the water is not frozen. Fortunately, mouse soup is preventable by floating a raft or sticking a stick down into the water so that the mice have some method by which they can get out of the water.

* I'm guessing that the mouse was still alive due to a combination of heated water (electric bucket) and timing (he hadn't been swimming to exhaustion yet).
Tags: angoras, animals

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