a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Good morning!

It's 30 degrees at my house, up from a low of 29, thereby causing the thirty hours of rain to accumulate in pretty patterns on the trees. One of the trees decided on performance art, so we spent a half hour this morning clearing it off of the road. I showed up to work 40 minutes late, but with that piney fresh scent!

ETA: As achaosofkittens mentioned, he got to use the chainsaw. And nobody got hurt! Really, I care about this, and so does CK. Usually safety isn't so much of a challenge, however, I would like to point out that CK managed to cut down an ice-covered, bent-and-spring-loaded pine tree that was hanging over the road at about chest height. He cut up (down?) the tree in such a manner as to not injure anyone or cause more difficulty in its removal than slippery logs already would have.

CK's chainsaw cutting technique was focused on 1) not slipping on/through ice and 2) not allowing anything (tree parts or chainsaw) to spring back in his face. This required some amount of chainsaw mobility, as he would cut partway through the tree from one side, then go at it from the other side, then finish the cut from the first side.

The tree was not completely down against the road, but bent across the road by the ice in its branches. CK began his task by cutting a notch in the underside of the tree trunk by its base in order to stop the tree from bouncing up at him once his cutting started taking weight off of the tree. He did *not* cut entirely through the trunk at that point. Then CK started at the top of the tree, lopping off larger limbs and then each cleaned-off section of trunk, repeat. This left us with large branches and manageable hunks of trunk (about 3 feet long) to haul out of the road. Because he started at the top of the tree, CK was cutting tree bits at chest height rather than leaning over them, and the tree did not drastically change height as each branch was cut off. If he had cut the tree trunk at the base first, then the tree would have been resting on branches, which would have allowed the tree trunk to rotate and fall as limbs were removed.
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