a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Stinky boy, and more thoughts

I don't know why Jared has decided to come back into rut, but lately he's been stinky again, and wagging his tongue at Sancho. Sancho is as unamused as usual, and the other bucks are incredibly confused about this resurgence in bucky attitude ::shrug:: I don't pretend to know how boy goats figure out when to be in rut, but I would appreciate it if Jared would stop this. He's getting sheared in a week, and I'd like at least some usable fleece.

Since confirming that Penny is pregnant, and comparing her to the other girls, I'm pretty confident that the first six girls will have their kids in February. They are all much bigger around and heaver-walking than Penny. So if Penny really does have twins in there and is due March 16th, the other girls must be a good couple of weeks ahead of her. Then there is #15 (now called Quince since "fifteen" was getting old), who got into the game on October 5th. Her earliest kidding date would be March 4th, but I'm guessing she'll drop a week later than that.

As I mentioned back in June, Penny was supposed to breed with Loki, but not this year. So this year is her bonus Jared year, I suppose.

ETA: I wonder if Jared is being frisky because it is actually ABOVE FREEZING for the second time in two weeks?
Tags: angoras, breeding

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