a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Baby goats - the good, the bad, and the WTF do I do now

So here I sit, with a tiny black baby goat tucked into my sweatshirt so that it is cuddled on my lap as I type.

Quixotic_goat called me at about 3 PM to say that "a black goat" had kidded twins, and that one of them wasn't doing all that well. While I was driving home, I got a play-by-play as Mona kidded right in front of him. So I missed it again. Sigh sigh.

I got home to find that Sashimi's second kid was tiny and not moving and barely breathing. I kicked off with the towel full of floppy kid to the house to get him into a bucket of hot water. Q_Goat and I traded off keeping the kid in the hot water while the other one moved Mona and her kid into the stall that Sashimi & baby and Alys & baby are in.

With last year's unhappy experience in mind, I called our goat-knowing housesitter for help. She said she would be over as soon as her chores were done. She showed back up with tubes, Karo syrup, powdered colustrum, etc. just as achaosofkittens came home, and showed us how to do it all.

... So now I have a butting baby goat in my lap. I've called my boss and left a message on his cell phone asking him to call me. I am not planning to go to work tomorrow...
Tags: angoras, kids

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