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It's been a quiet week in... wait, wrong story

It all started out well enough, with Alys having a beautiful red boy on Sunday. He was strong, healthy, and ready to rumble. They bonded instantly and he had no trouble nursing.

Then on Monday, Sashimi had late-afternoon twin boys. She has never had twins before, and neither of them was very strong. The second one had to be brought inside for a hot bath and a tube feeding. The first twin did bond to Sashimi, but even now we still can't prove that he has nursed from her. Late last night, the three of us milked Sashimi down somewhat to give her udder relief and give some of the milk to the bottle baby in the house.

Right after Sashimi kidded her matching black boys, Mona laid down and delivered a single white boy. This boy seems to be doing ok, and has a bit of wanderlust besides.

While we were dividing up the barn into kidding pens, fussing about Sashimi's non-functional-but-accepted kid and taking care of the bottle baby, we discovered Anna-freak had a messy hiney. BABY! We found a self-composed little white girl curled up between the electric water bucket and the corner of the stall. So now the right side of the barn is divided into four kidding pens, each with one mom and one baby.

The goat-camera system is allowing me to sit here with the bottle baby, answer work e-mail, blog, and still keep an eye on the barn. What I can see is:

Alys and her son have bonded instantly. Alys spends her time with her head stuck all the way into the baby hidey hole (a Pro Plan bin on its side) so that she can keep her baby warm and happy. Mona and her rather loud boy are in the dogloo because we ran out of hidey hole bins, so I can't see what they are up to. Anna spends her time on sentry duty in case the wolves come. Sashimi is spending her time nudging and licking her boy, who has still not figured out nursing, and digging in the bedding.

.... And Dahlia is pacing and nesting.... Tune in for the continuing story....
Tags: angoras, kids

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