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Goat Babies - now with names! and parents!

Apollo 3/8 Apollo 3/8 He is the first of an expected 11. He is also expected to be a strawberry blonde when he grows up. His father's name is also a god's name, so why not aim high?
Out of Alys by Loki.
Scout 3/8 Scout 3/8 He is named generally for the highest honor a person can earn at the Scout Academy, because he was a Scout, First In (into the house, that is).
Out of Sashimi by Jared.
Houston 3/8 Houston 3/8 If you have a scout going out, you have to have someone to man the radios back at home base, right?
Out of Sashimi by Jared.
Bernard 3/8 Bernard 3/8 He is named for the boy mouse in The Rescuers.
Out of Mona by Loki.
Bianca 3/8 Bianca 3/8 She is named for the girl mouse in The Rescuers.
Out of Anna by Cookie.
Orchid 3/8 Orchid 3/8 Her mother is Dahlia, so it fits. That, and I really want to call her "Orca."
Out of Dahlia by Jared.
Dash & Dot 3/8 Dash & Dot 3/8 Thanks to youvebeenpixied for the suggestion for "Dash." "Dot" is to round out the Morse feeling, but really, her name is Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca III.
Out of Jessie by Jared.
Taura 3/8 Taura 3/8 Her mother's name is Quince ("fifteen" in Spanish) and she is the ninth kid for this year. As "Nine," she is named for the character out of the Bujold short story "Labyrinth."
Out of Quince by Jared.

Tags: angoras, breeding, kids

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