a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Another case of mistaken identity (and location)

Remember the interesting case last August of the frantic father of [same name] who was searching for his daughter in Ecuador? Well, apparently his daughter is still there, because I just got a note from a woman looking to meet up with her.

::laugh:: I put the woman in touch with [same name]'s parents for confirmation of the correct e-mail. I got a very nice note back from the mom.

Dear [Name] of [town, state]-

Thank you very much for your kind forwarding of this information to us. Our [name]'s email address has no punctuation, so I have tidied up the address as I forward this message. Isn't it amazing at how many [full names] have email at gmail? I wonder if you could start a club, sort of like the "John Smith" club where all of the John Smiths get together. Perhaps your reunion could be in Quito.

You will be happy to hear that [name] is having a terrific year, and is currently teaching at a language institute. She has signed a contract to teach elementary school next year in a Quito suburb.

Kindest regards -

[my name]'s Mom
Tags: communication

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