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She's doing what? (March of Dimes fundraiser)

In about a month, I will be walking with a group of people through Washington DC to support families, and specifically, babies. Most of you know that I'm really not a kid person, and no, I'm not a sudden convert. But my personal requirements for (no) children does not change the fact that your requirements for children are legitimate, and that families themselves are important to all of us.

I believe that the people who *want* to have children should have *healthy* children. I love my family, and I'm proud to be a part of the lives of the children in it. Yes, I am lucky, and I know it. My whole family has been blessed with healthy children, and we know we have been fortunate.

Consider that all of us know someone who has a child, or two, who had trouble entering the world. I also know more than one family who has spent heartbreaking years trying to have a child. We recently rooted on our friends - who have a brilliant not-so-baby boy - as they fought for the first breath of their new daughter. She is holding on so far...

So really, that's it. We all know how lucky we are, and we all know someone who hasn't been so lucky. If you have a few dollars to spare, and feel like supporting a charity with those dollars, please click on the link below. Alternatively, if you are a Tastefully Simple addict, and would like to support my March of Dimes effort through my Tastefully Simple campaign, leave me a comment, and I'll send you an e-mail invitation for that instead.

Please visit my March of Dimes website to donate directly. Or drop me a comment if you have questions.

Thanks so very much!

And a special thank you to the generous, intelligent, talented ladies who have started me on the way to my campaign goal of raising $500!
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