a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat transportation: Prius with a plastic base?

While doing my usual rounds of chores, I was contemplating something amusing and slightly insane this morning:

If I don't take Cookie or Penny to the goat show this year (therefore only having the baby goats), there is a chance that I could cram all of my stuff* and the little goats into the Prius.




**...goes off to look at temporary plastic flooring for the back of the Prius...**

The details aren't all that bad, at least in the abstract. I'm visualizing dropping the back seats and using the entire back cargo area for goat babies, with under-seat storage for supplies - goat food, medical supplies, and water buckets. I would have to be a lot more intelligent about how I packed my goat supplies, but they should compress if I use heavy-duty bags instead of boxes. I could get some of that heat-molded plastic flooring that people use to build koi ponds to cover the floor and sides of the Prius to protect it from baby waste matter. I would have to sign up for bedding and hay from the show supplies instead of bringing my own. The front passenger seat would have my personal luggage and purse. The only possible challenge would be where to put the required roll of plastic fence liner to keep the babies inside the show stalls (the bars are too spread out and the babies can squeeze through).
Tags: angoras, vagma

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