a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Fundraising, and what is pushy

Yesterday I posted a public note about my March of Dimes fund raising effort. I felt a little weird about not making it friends-only, but figured why not try a public post. I got a very nice response from a couple of people for doing so. Ok, so not too bad. I guess I can do these as public posts. ::nod::

In comparison, one of my co-workers sent a message out to everyone on her Facebook friends list asking every person to contribute $10. I'm not sure but that I might consider that sort of thing almost like spamming my friends list. "Hi, we never talk one-on-one, so now I want to contact you only to ask for money." On the other hand, she raised $1800 doing it. Which means either she got more than $10 from respondents, or something like 180 people responded. Either way, that's incredible. But, but, but... that seems so pushy to me. Is it?

Maybe I should just ask here instead... Would you please consider contributing $10 to March of Dimes for me? (They do take PayPal.) If everyone a nice percentage of the people on my friends list contributed $10, then my campaign would reach my $500 goal with a nice margin to spare. That would be sweet.
Tags: march_of_dimes

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