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Goat angst resolved

Back on March 11, I posted about the call I got from a woman who wanted to return Dru and Sybel, and needed to get rid of a total of four angoras. On the same day, I was contacted by another woman who wanted a bottle baby. Through a long conversation with that second woman, I learned that the second woman had lost her big buck to an accident, was looking to eventually breed for color, was amenable to the idea of a small herd that was free for the pickup. Today I got an update.

Hi []!
Sorry I didn't contact you right away but the day I picked up the goats ... and things have been wacky. I have already picked them up and brought them home. The two girls are with me and scheduled next week to be shorn and the boys are with a wonderful retired nurse and she has bought hand shears and got one completed today (I taught her how today) and will do the other tomorrow weather permiting. I have before pics and will take after pics just as you asked. [Previous owner] is very nice and she loved and cared for her goats well (there are no signs of parasites...either goat lice or worms) except for the shearing thing but then neither her or her older husband are physically capable of doing that. I need to call her but have mislaid her# during the trip (I think it fell out of the car at my friend's house).

The Autistic little girl's mom wanted her to have a baby to grow up with (I think she thought since they were rescues that they might be wild or anti social to her child) so I will be giving her a wether from one of these girls to raise up with her so she is not so disappointed that her mom said no to the wethers I rescued. Still they have a great home with a very lively and loving widowed retired nurse with a great pasture! She has them on great food (southern states goat sweet feed) and horse quality hay with a great pasture to graze. I want to thank-you bunches! Dru is awesome and Sybil is coming around! My little girl is very excited with them. Well I've been running around trying to play catch up and I am exhausted so off to bed. Write you more later.


I responded with another thank-you and the previous owner's phone number, of course.
Tags: angoras, sales

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