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Books in short: Kitty book 5, Bone Crossed, Shadow Queen

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand - short read, funny moments, totally forgettable.

Bone Crossed is the latest Mercy Thompson book. It deserves a longer write-up, which I keep composing in my head and then forgetting when I'm in front of my computer. In short, it's quite good.

While Briggs treads dangerously close to having Mercy join the Power of the Month Club, I'm still ok with how things are turning out in the series because Mercy still has to end up being rescued as many times as she does the rescuing. Mercy's discovery of new twists on her powers is mostly still a and what good is that going to do me poke-poke-poke version rather than a gee-whiz-ta-da Anita Blake epiphany that just happens to turn the plot around at the climactic scene. The continued development of the characters proceeds in fits and starts, with less of some characters that I like (Warren and Jessie) and some new characters that were interesting enough for me to want them to have more time "on camera" as the series goes along (Mercy's mom).

Also, there is still the fallout of the rape/rescue/slaughter scene from Iron Kissed to deal with, both for the characters and for us-the-audience. The humor in the beginning scenes of Bone Crossed gives Briggs a method to remind the audience that there is real baggage here, and that she is not going to allow any of her characters to brush it off like so many other series do. (I would like to point to Mercedes Lackey's Children of the Night here for a similar discussion of panic attacks and how characters have to work through issues rather than shrug them off or leave them behind in the next scene. Though Mercy doesn't learn quite the same transference technique.)

The Shadow Queen had a couple of really good scenes, mostly toward the end of the book. That's about it. Maybe I'll pick it up when it comes out in paperback, but it's really not worth the price for hardback. ::sigh::
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