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Llama walks and Scout goes to Maryland

There was a lot of happiness in this weekend involving pets and people.

One pair of planned visitors canceled on us for Saturday, but the Muse and Q_Goat came out to meet the baby goats (Q_Goat got to see the end of the story...) and hang out for the afternoon. After they left, we took Hercules and Scout for a walk before the light faded. We went down the old road at the end of our road across to where the valley wraps around our hill and then came back up. We cut across the power line right of way to come home. The next door neighbor's land (no house) has some little ponds with random splashes of daffodils here and there. It's fun to wander through there, and there is something magical about a little black goat hopping on the walking spots through the marshy bottomland.

On Sunday, we took Scout to the in-laws house by way of Kaelikat's house. It was just a drive-by at K-kat's, in order to say hi to some out-of-town'ers and show off a baby goat at the same time. I was a bit disappointed that Scout is still too young to be people-centric, but at least he didn't run from anyone. He was simply more interested in eating the lawn and jumping on the rocks than in the people gather to admire him. ::shrug:: He still made a cute picture there on the front steps.

At the in-laws house, Scout promptly went into new-puppy mode by piddling all over the rug. He was banished to the back porch where he spent the afternoon talking to us through the window screen and eating sticks and leaves all the while.
Tags: angoras, family, friends, llamas, social

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