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MDS&W report

I went to Maryland Sheep & Wool festival with sayseal76 today. We went up Route 15 and over I-70, so the drive was both beautiful and unhurried. We got there a touch after 9 AM, in the thick of the crowds and just as a rainstorm blew through. So rather than starting at the front aisle, turning left and working down the front as usual, we booked it for the restroom and then started at the main show barn in the back and worked forward. While it was a nice break in the routine, it meant that somehow we never actually got back to that front aisle, so I missed out on saying hi to Peavine Hollow, Misty Mountain, Persimmon Tree and a few other folks I know. I also managed to not tag up with anyone from the Tuesday night crew, or SarahJude... ::sigh:: On the bright side, I did run into amazonmink, the My Favorite Yarn Shop crew, Kid Hollow Farm, Otto from Strauch Fiber equipment, and many others, so it's not like I didn't see a single friendly face.

The rain promptly stopped, and never started again the entire time. Yay! I picked the exact correct outfit for the day (t-shirt and jeans with boots), so was neither too hot nor too cold. I also remembered my sunglasses, sunscreen and hat. All-around yay.

We left the show sometime after noon, having had enough of the crowds. Neither of us was in a shopping mood, so we got my pre-ordered fence panel from Sydell and headed out. We went north to ... T-something... Turmont?... on Route 15 to a place that sells pies. mmmmpie! Then stopped for a very late lunch at an Irish place that had a very nice potato-kale soup.

We spent the drive up and back talking about music and musicals, mostly, with a few movies and childhood experiences thrown in. I think that it was a good day, but man, I'm really tired for doing nothing but driving and wandering around looking at stuff.

The most random of all things at MDS&W was running into InertiaKitty right in the middle of the main intersection by the information booth. bwa-WHA? What are you doing here? It turns out that his sister (the nun) was down from NY buying sheep for the convent. Okeydokey...
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