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Garden on the brain

Despite this morning's sun, we are expecting rain this afternoon. That and tomorrow afternoon's rain will make twelve straight days of rain. The goat yard is a mudpit in desperate need of shoveling and re-seeding. There is a great goat migration planned for this weekend that will get everyone onto new pastures and allow me to start repairing the muddy muck in front of the back barn.

The garden is what is on my mind this morning:

Peas need trelli. Beans need planting. Beets need thinning. Maybe tomatoes get planted, maybe just potted. I need to replace the one dead blueberry and plant the replacement raspberries. If I have a chance, I need to trim back the grass around the new black raspberries and look for poison ivy to kill, but that's low on the list. First I need to finish preparing the triangle bed for corn and plant the corn; maybe I can get around to fixing the fence for the corn area too, though that doesn't matter until we want to use that side of the pasture again. Is it time to plant the peppers, or just re-pot them? The front lilies need their round supports; the iris need supports too. There is an oak tree in the flowerbed. With all the rain, it's tempting to wait on the watering system, but if we don't get it in when we plant the beds, it's much harder to do later.

During the goat migration, the potato pots are swapping sides of the front pasture (to keep away from the goats) and getting their own fence just in case of accidents. The boy goats are going to go into the back dog yard during migration-gyrations, which means I need to put out round fencing to keep them off of the apricots (and put away the dog heater and extension cord). Once the goats get moved around, I have a lot of grass seed to put out into the swampy trampled areas by the back barn.
Tags: garden, goats

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