a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Good morning (from a bear)

We had our annual visit from the local bear, who was conducting an inspection to check if we learned our lesson from her visit last year (on May 26th). Last year she ate about 40 lbs of sweet feed that I had so kindly left outside for her. I'm sure she came back to see if we would let her repeat the feast.

It was very exciting for her this time, since the bin she dumped over was full of alfalfa pellets - the equivalent of compressed grass. From the evidence, I am assuming that she simply ripped the bin open, dropped everything there on the porch, and left. Since her choices were 1) unflavored/unsweetened mineral mix, 2) alfalfa pellets and 3) empty bin, she didn't have much chance of getting a good return for her effort this year. Poor, disappointed bear.

As I understand, bears can range for 40 miles, and have looooong memories. I expect that she will continue to stop by every year to check for either honey bees (our hives were destroyed a few years ago) or sweet feed (destroyed last year). Those are both on the "attractive nuisance" list now. Unless we get an electric fence, we won't have bees again, and sweet feed is now stored inside the house.
Tags: animals, bear

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