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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day

Today is Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day. Take a moment to celebrate the influence of the fantastic in your life. Think back on the first book you read that took you out of your world and into another... Did you go dancing Where the Wild Things Are? Or perhaps you blasted into space with Harold and his purple crayon. Did you go off with the cat to rescue My Father's Dragon? And where do you plan to go after work today - are you going to Elfhame, Alpha Centauri, or to 1632?

Please take a moment to do something - anything* - to appreciate the effort and artististic talent that writers around the world have given us. Our lives are deeper, richer, and wilder for their gifts.

* loan your favorite book to a friend, donate to a library, send a thank-you note to an author, buy a book, read a book to a child...

Poll #1420004 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day

Do you read SF or Fantasy?

Yes, plenty!
Eh, once in a while
Nope, I prefer other genres
I don't read much.

What's your most memorable SF/F book from childhood?

Why was it so memorable?

Which SF/F author would you most like to thank for his/her influence on your life?

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