a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Home again

After a wildly uneventful day, wherein the most excitement we had was either arriving early at JFK or having a 15 minute delay in getting our baggage at Dulles due to a feeder-belt failure, we are home. The goats, dog, cats, llama, and plants are all still alive, minus one raspberry start that I didn't expect to make it. I haven't interviewed the snake, but I'll take a wild guess and say that she's fine. (ETA: CK says she's fine.) ETA2: Ok, we discovered that the beer I picked up in Duty Free didn't survive the trip home. My laundry smells interesting now.

Thank you all for a fantastic Ireland experience. While I had a few personal "downs," the majority of the week was a total blast. I have tons of photos to sort and a pile of back-dated journal entries to clean up and post. Hopefully I will stay motivated and get at least the journal part of things out this week. ... hah!...

Blessings rain down on VileOne, VileJynx, and Tyratae for the Castle and general chaos-containment. Thanks for getting it all together, and keeping it real until it could appear on the ground. Dreaminglady gets special mention as well for her general helpfulness and her admirable performance as the Magic Laundry Fairy.

And the standing ovation, the loud cheering, and the roses and glory go to Achaosofkittens for making this trip the one-of-a-kind, happy-memory event I hoped it would be. ::laugh:: Coming off of this kind of a vacation, it's hard to need any more excitement for a while. I have a birthday coming up soon, and I don't really think I need a party. I just had a 10-day party...
Tags: otp, travel

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