a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Is this a mis-communication, or just a poor one?

Hey [My Name]! Its [Name]! How are you feeling? I bet your relieved that its been a cool summer so far.. Anyways I was just curious if you had made any decisions on what your going to do with the babies? There has been a lot going on at our center and I was probably going to start looking for a new job. Let me know! And if you don't know yet then don't worry about it! Hope all is well!
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Okeydokey... "babies" could mean goats. "At our center" implies that either I know where she works or that we are continuing a conversation that she was holding earlier. So, do I know this person, or not? The mind ponders... I gave up and sent her a response asking if she thought I knew her.

Also, yesterday I got this one too, from a doctor in Los Angeles:
HI [My Name],

I got your message -
will call you shortly....

Since that one included a phone number in the footer, I called back *and* e-mailed her to make sure she knew that her note had gone astray, so that she would at least have a clue why the other-me was unhappy when she finally got a call.
Tags: communication, lives_i_don't_lead

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