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This weekend we picked up an alpaca named Marco from the farm that rescued him. Marco had been gelded a while ago, but wasn't settling down. He spent all of his time at the fenceline snorting at the girls and generally being an obnoxious male. He was doing fine at the new farm with the Angora goats, so I agreed to provide a new home, at least until he settled down.

We brought him home on Sunday with a little concern about how Marco and Hercules (the llama) would get along. We initially had them separated, though they could have touched if they wanted to talk. Marco was really anxious to meet Hercules, though Hercules wasn't sure about him. Marco ran back and forth along the fenceline whining and fussing. Herc didn't seem to care that much, so we let Marco out to meet Herc. At that point, Hercules started to get his dander up (and gathered a mouthful of spit). This was pretty amusing, because after the initial tail-sniffing and whining/vocalizations, Marco decided that he would much rather go play in the sprinkler (which was really cute to watch!) than take up anything with Herc. So Herc was all tensed up for a fight that didn't happen. Even this morning at breakfast, while there was a lot of body language going on, with ear-flipping and nose-flaring, there was no spitting or smacking.

Oh, and if you ever wondered about divergent breeding/evolution, seeing the two of them together shows it all. Marco is this dainty little teddy bear next to the looming black glory that is Hercules. Hopefully I'll get a good photo of Marco in front of Hercules so you can see the differences.
Tags: animals, llamas

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