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Loki's interesting day at the doctor's

Continuing the story of Loki's day at the vet yesterday, here is a little bit of show-and-tell.

Loki dislocated his front left toe Loki dislocated his front left "toe"
Sometimes technology is a very good thing. From the external evidence, the vet thought it was a spiral fracture that had Loki's leg sticking out sideways at what, from the outside, looks like his "wrist." But there wasn't enough swelling or heat at the "break." So he took Loki back to the office for x-ray images, only to find out that it was a dislocation rather than a break. And from the image, we can see that there is no real wristbone, but that the toes connect directly to the forearm.
Yes, this was an expensive diagnosis, but it was the *correct* diagnosis, and the vet was able to reset the joint before splinting it rather than slapping a cast on something that wasn't broken.

Because the vet wanted to be sure he knew what he was looking at, and where that toe should really be, he shot an x-ray image of Loki's right front leg as well. So, for the sake of completeness, here is the comparison image for your scientific education. Note how far out of alignment the left foot is just from the single toe pulling to the right in the image (which would be off Loki's left side). (And yes, Loki needs his nails cut, too.)

Loki's other front leg, for comparison Loki's other front leg, for comparison
Here's a shot of a non-dislocated front toe, and a very straight foot.

Tags: angoras, animals, vet_visits

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