a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Who's Bosco? - more (temporary) expansion at the Farm

Oh, yeah, did I mention? CK and I are providing a temporary home for Darkfyre_Muse and Quixotic_Goat's two dogs, Bosco (female black chow) and Helios (male red chow/shepherd), until the D_Muse/Q_Goat household moves back to VA from CA this fall and gets settled in a place that will allow the dogs proper roaming room.

Bosco and Helios have taken up residence in the front pasture, which they are currently sharing with the big boys. The current division is that the boys - Sancho, Jared and Cookie - get 3/4 of the front field (plus the run-in barn) minus the old creep feeder in the center. Loki is in quarantine in that center creep feeder field (with a tarp for shelter) by himself until his dislocated foot is better. Bosco and Helios have the front 1/4 of the field by the main gate, with the old tractor shed doghouse that the mastiffs used to use in pre-goat days.

If that's too boggling to dissect, try this. Draw a donut. Now draw a bite out of the bottom right quadrant. The center of the donut is Loki. The bite is Bosco and Helios. The rest of the donut is the boys. Every line is a fence.
Tags: animals, dogs, goats

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