a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

It's fall, and goaty boys' fancy turn to thoughts of ... fence distruction

Loki is still separated from the other boys, but that isn't keeping him from beating his head against Jared's (and the fence in between). Last year the two of them managed to flatten an aluminum gate by beating it between them, and take off most of the fence boards that were supposed to be dividing them. I expect that they will end up breaking the welds on the metal fence that is currently dividing the two of them if I don't move Loki soon. And yes, I do plan to keep Loki separated from the other boys for at least another month while his foot heals... which would then make it breeding time, which means he is staying away from Jared until January, most likely. Unfortunately, any field that gets Loki away from sharing a fenceline with Jared moves him that much closer to the girls, and we are still a month away from breeding time. I really don't want Loki to spend all of his time pining and whining and perfuming his face in hopes of impressing the girls. Yuck. But the alternative to a smelly boy is a broken fence and quite possibly more injuries. So Loki will probably be moving from his current pen to the upper (new) back pasture this weekend. There will still be a pasture section between him and the girls, but he'll be able to both see and smell them from the new location.

This is the back/right pasture, which sits off of the right side of the house. For some sort of understanding why I call it both "back" and "right," you should know that the middle one of the three gates on the left edges of the pastures lines up with the front right corner of the house.

And here's the front field, which I tried to explain in this post about Bosco and Helios joining the farm.

Tags: angoras, breeding, goats

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