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Dear responsible pet owners - note your pets, please

The Universe appears to be relocating kittens this month. I have seen a lot of recent LJ posts about such happenings from coast to coast, most recently today. Which leads me to a PSA regarding your own pets...

If you own pets who might at any time walk past a door or gate that leads Outside, consider that it is quite possible that your pets might get out, get lost, etc. into the Big Bad World. If you can, please put ID of some form on your animals so that when the Universe relocates them, the poor mortals who find them can make an honest attempt to return them. My sister is now the proud (?) owner of a 5-month-old beautiful boy cat who showed up under her car without any ID or even a flea collar, and whose many lost-n-found notices are going unanswered. As for us, all of the goats except for Sancho and Jessie have ID tags. In fact, we went so far as to pick up complete name-address-phone collar tags for the two guest dogs at my house, just in case they went wandering** and couldn't figure out "home."

And more than that -- Please take the time to take photos of your animals for your records, and jot down relevant information about them in case you have to post a "Lost" sign or weed through SPCA "found cat" postings. For example, Russell is a generic neutered brown tabby cat. His distinguishing feature is that he has two mis-colored claws on his front right foot. We have digital photos of everyone as well. This is specifically useful to have for the llama, alpaca, and all of the goats in case we have a broken fence/stampede incident that takes them beyond knowing-neighbors' yards.

* I also admit I'm partially a hypocrite. None of our indoor cats have collars/tags or ID. Though, really, I'm not too worried if any of them get out. Shan will make friends wherever he goes, and I have plenty of photos of him for identification. The evil twins will never make it off the property because they are major agoraphobes. Russell would likely never be found again due to excessive shyness.

** Helios has already proven that he knows where his current residence is. He went wandering multiple times before we got his electric fence powered up, and never once did we hear from the neighbors about a "lost" dog.
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