a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Weekend round up

Saturday was Sihaya09's wedding, Faire, the wedding reception, slogging home in the rain, and collapsing in a heap. Really, the whole day was frabjuous in ways that don't make any sense unless you can overcome the miserable cold rain to embrace the good time with friends at Faire, then overcome any social shyness at all to bask in the glowing glory that is ... "wuv, twue wuv" at a wedding reception that was part belly dance performance, part stand-up comedy, and part good ol' party. I'm breathlessly awaiting the photos. I'm gonna look like a total dork, I'm sure. And that's totally fine, because I'm also sure that the bride and groom will be grinning ear-to-ear and looking as though the rain never touched them.

Sunday was sleeping in (oh, it felt goooood!), a 2-2 tied hockey game, and hanging up our newly-acquired Robert Wayt Smith artwork in the blue room (the new master bedroom). We also hung up my Big! New! jewelry box that Achaosofkittens gave to me for our anniversary. I then stayed up late nesting in the new jewelry box of doom.

Of note from Saturday... We now are the very proud owners of Wayt's "Daydream" and "Lonely Mountain" originals.

Of note from Sunday (I found out this morning) - kazu is engaged!
Tags: hockey, home, shopping, social

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