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Book Review: Cast in Silence

Cast in Silence had three opportunities to go in completely different ways and lay new ground in the story of Kaylin Neya. In a few small ways, it did so. Unfortunately, the author took entirely too long getting to that new ground by way of a huge repetition of Cast in Courtlight and smaller rehashings of Cast in Fury and Cast in Shadow (in triple-reverse order). By the time I had slogged into the climax, I was frankly disappointed that we did not get a revisiting of the Elementals from Cast in Secret, as it seemed the only major re-telling that was skipped this time around. I wonder if the editor cut that scene out?

Cast in Silence is a good story, for what it's worth. It's just not worth much when placed in comparison with Sagara's other books in this series. On the plus side, Kaylin is growing and changing as events affect her and she tries to think her way through them. She didn't renew her subscription to Power of the Month Club for this book, but rather used the lessons of the previous books to feel her way through the plot-repeats. On the other hand, the Unthinking Forces of Change were clubbing people senseless right and left, and the Destiny card was slapped down onto the climax so hard that the plot almost cracked under its own weight. To me, the plot was almost funny in its format, because Sagara has written too many books in the series for this formula to be a surprise anymore. You have to be invested in the characters at this point, or the book is going to be a disappointment. If you are invested enough in the characters, then the end of the book will have at least one happy scene for you enjoy.
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