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Breeding season is over

I pulled all the girls out of their respective boys' yards today. I also separated Loki from sharing a fenceline with any girls (he now has an alpaca/llama buffer). [ETA on Sunday: Yeah, that lasted all of 12 hours. Loki hammered the boards off of the fence and moved himself back into that pasture. He's sharing a fenceline with the girls again.]

My plan is to supervise the tri-cornered goat fight tomorrow in the late afternoon.

Putting the girls back in together resulted in a little bit more fighting than I expected in a way that I really should have been expecting. Dahlia and Mona have not even been sharing a fenceline for the past month and a half, so they had to reestablish everything when they came back into the herd. Dahlia went straight for Jessie (solidly #2 ranked) while Mona went for Summer (vaguely #3 ranked). What Dahlia hadn't realized was that she was taking on the Jessie brute squad (musketeers?). Jessie took the main brunt of the attack, but she had Anna and Lerris flanking her. Dahlia did a credible job of making it mostly a one-to-one sparring match, but I saw the adult Jessie-kids get in more than a few good smacks. Even little Dot took a couple of pot shots at Dahlia from the side.

In comparison, Summer vs. Mona was almost not a fight at all, since Summer didn't care enough to prolong the battle. I won't know for sure until I feed everyone tomorrow, but my bet on the ranking is that Summer has fallen into the middle of the scrum, and there will be a lot more shoving tomorrow over the bowls. Alys avoided all of the fighting today as though she weren't even a part of the herd, but I have my suspicions that she won't be backing down when it comes to food.

My bet on the new ranking is: Sashimi, Jessie, Alys, Dahlia, Mona, Anna (her rank will float up and down the pecking order, depending on how close to Jessie she is), Summer, Lerris, Orchid, Dot (depending on if she's standing under Jessie)
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats

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