a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Despite all my efforts, it is still not the 19th... I need more sleep!

I'm tired.

I have been dating everything today with tomorrow's date. I just had to redo two forms for work because I signed with tomorrow's date. This afternoon I stopped at the FCU and deposited a check with tomorrow's date on it. Fortunately, the credit union was very understanding when I realized the error and called about it. They don't plan to deposit anything more until tomorrow anyway, so it will go in just fine. ::sigh::

The reason I'm tired is that I was too anxious and restless to fall asleep last night. Then the menagerie turned into a zoo. The cats went on a rampage at about 11:30. Max and Shan were howling at each other. I finally scruffed Shan on the top of the stairs and told him If you taunt Max one more time, I'm going to make you into a pair of mittens! He gave me a "who, me?" look and projectile-purred at me. I let him go. He promptly bounded down the stairs and launched himself onto Pico. (That will teach me to be less precise when giving a cat instructions.) I got the cats sorted out just as the dog started yipping to be let out. It's ONE AE-EM! You DON'T need to go out right now Yip. Yip. whiiiiiine. So I let Joy out. Then waited while she snurfled around under the bushes... and in the leaves... and over by the octagon... And then she finally did some doggy business...

The end result was less than 5 hours of sleep last night.
Tags: animals, cats, dogs, human_condition

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