a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

It was a very goaty weekend (breeding, welcome Talla!)

On Saturday, Cookie went up to the big boy pasture (up front, left) to spend the winter with Jared, Loki, and Sancho. Hercules and Marco moved in with Scout and Houston (up front, right), and everyone up there said good-bye to Dash, who departed for his new home in Asheville, NC. In the back pastures, the big girls-plus-Lerris took over the large left field while Dot and Orchid got split off from their moms. They are staying in the back-right side of the pasture/barn.

Editorial aside: With Cookie now up front, the 2009 breeding season is put to closure (it's been over for a while, but accidents can happen) and the division of boys and girls is complete. I would like to point out that, for this year, the only fence failure on the books was one that allowed the baby boys to have access to Mona and Dahlia. This was well after Jared had enjoyed their company for weeks. I'm quite content with the distribution of risk this time around. Huzzah!

On Sunday, I stopped off in Fairfax for lunch with Q_Goat and D_Muse, and then the three of us went up to Mt. Airy, MD to pick up my new goat Talla. She is a redhead with both red and black genetics from Gypsy Ridge Farm in Ohio. She has never been sheared, so is a combination hairball and haystack at the moment. I am hoping to take scissors to her tonight to start the process of removing said layer of maybe? kid mohair off of her while leaving her with enough fleece to make shearing in late January a reasonable proposition.

Other related accomplishments include: distributing mixed pasture seed for winter re-seeding, and pooper-scooping. I still have LOTS and LOTS of camelid poop to pick up, but every bit counts for less grass buried next spring.
Tags: angoras, goats

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