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Goat breeding math for spring 2010

Breeding season this year ran from October 4 through November 14. Kidding due dates with a 150-day gestation calculation are therefore March 2 through April 13, 2010, give or take a few days. (A doe normally gives birth between 145 - 155 days after conception.) Crystal was always a day or two earlier than planned, and Jessie ran a week or so behind. Not that either of those data points will help, since Crystal no longer lives here and Jessie didn't get bred this year.

More usefully, I will point out that, despite being in different fields, all four girls who did get bred this year kidded within 48 hours of each other last year. Breeding season for 2008-2009 started on September 21st, 2008. From that start date, the earliest possible kidding date with a full 150-day gestation would have been 2/17/2009. After 9/21/08, it looks like the girls took about a week to cycle into heat, and then kiddings happened in immediate order: Alys was Sunday, 2/22, Mona and Anna were Monday 2/23, Dahlia was Tuesday the 24th.

So, with the two sets of data as listed above, my prediction for kidding is that the 2010 kid crop will sprout on or about March 7th - which is also a Sunday.

... So, quixotic_goat, want to take a week's vacation to come visit again...?
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats, kids

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