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home again home again

Home. Muggy, 100% humidity home.

We unpacked enough that the luggage is all back up in the attic. The cats are definitely happy to see us. We played with them for a little bit between fits of unpacking. I have the office door open, and Russell is in my lap right now, contentedly grooming a paw and insistently flexing it when I stop petting him.

The garden was overgrown before we left, though I did give the tomatoes a haircut. The tomatoes seem to all be doing ok, though one is too full of fruit for too small and flimsy a support - it fell over and is still growing. The pepper plants don't look very big or happy, though one of them is flowering for all it's worth. I wonder if it's been too cool and wet so far for them.

We visited the herbivores before it got dark. Everyone who was alive at last report is still alive, and seems to be doing well enough. When CK headed away from me, the big sheep followed him with love in their voices. It was quite cute, really. Especially since I still had the grain bucket in my hand.

We discovered that the sheep that is dead is not the one I thought. We lost the smaller of the cow-spotted lambs, not the smaller dark yearling as I mistakenly believed. And the hole was not where I thought it was either, which explains why I was so puzzled by the description. It was some sort of sinkhole that opened up right in the middle of the front yard. Weird!

Oddly enough, finding out it was the little social lamb that is gone caused more twinges than the missing-ness of Starbright. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Oh, and Loki has a bald patch right over his rear end. When Summer got stressed and sick, that was the first place she lost fleece too. Hopefully all this deworming will set everyone right again.

So, here I am back again where I can do something about the goats and the sheep and their health. There is so much to do and I'm not sure where to start. Fences, mowing, de-worming. Poor CK gets to help with a lot of it too, and he wants to finally finish putting the new roof on the blacksmith barn so that he can get back to his work too.

CK bought me the goat management software I wanted for my birthday, so I bet I'll be messing with that when I should be working. Yay computer "games."

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