a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

The stupid, it burns

I have yet another argument for why I don't like GPS units. They make stupid people even stupider by habit.

I just got a phone call from CK reporting that there is a white panel truck/van stuck sideways on our road. According to third-hand reports, the driver was trying to get to Aimesville, and our road was how his GPS instructed him to go.

1. Our road is unpaved.
2. Our road is marked Private/ No Trespassing.

A thinking human being might consider those two facts, and come to the conclusion that perhaps this is not the correct route to ANYWHERE. He might also consider the layer of ice and snow on the steep, winding hill, and come to the conclusion that his van should not attempt such a road without snow chains.

But no, the little machine told him that this was the way he should go, and obviously the computer is smarter than his observation skills. And he no doubt has amazing faith in the rules of movie-physics, where things never slide when they are going up a hill.

Why I care so much: the last time we had this happen, it was a tractor trailer and it was a reasonably nice day. I have no clue how long it's going to take this idiot to get his truck off of the road. There is no safe way around it in the snow. (Yes, there is the back way, but it is not safe in icy conditions.) So, in order to get out to our New Year's Eve party tonight, I get to park at the bottom of the hill and hoof it home to change, then CK and I get to load groceries, games, etc. onto a couple of sleds to haul back down the hill. Teky4lf suggested driving CK's car to just above the van and unloading around it. That would save on some of the hauling, but we'd still end up walking... argh.
Tags: commute, human_condition

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